Quarter 4: “Bleeding Heart Garden: A Feeling in a Flower,” Claire Christerson

“For this film, I wanted to show a fast-paced story involving characters inspired from gardens. I am drawn to flowers and plants. I think that it is because plants are quiet and very loud at the same time.  This year I was drawn to the bleeding heart flower… the shape is fantastic and seems very sad and strong.  Once I learned the name of the flower, it clicked that this is what I would base the whole project on. So my characters grew from the Bleeding Heart Flower. Working with Ary on this piece was a gift because it felt effortless.  He would send me things and I would just think up scenes as I went along (there was no story board for this film.) Ary understands the need for cohesion in a world of floating ideas and that is what helped through-line this work.  

How much can happen just from looking into a flower? There is so much life occurring that time seems to slow down. In my work, I am always interested in investigating a journey, and in this case – an adventure.  One scene activates the next, bringing in a sense of repetition to help fill in the loose narrative. At the end of the day, this work was a pleasure to make and helped me feel better.” – Claire Christerson